Dream Come True

Normally, I write stories that are wish fulfillments. I have never had someone to love me, nor  a man who sees me as beautiful. I met  men online and they all want one thing: money. Although I keep the dream in my heart that I would someday I would meet someone who will sweep me off my feet. I wondered if it would happened. I am forty-six and many of my friends believes that Jesus coming soon is near. I have pleaded with God to wait until he fulfills his promise in my life, but even if he didn’t , at least I can be like some of the heroes of faith who have seen the promise from a far off.

In my first book, A Second Chance at Love the wish is that I would meet an Italian man. I love Italian men, but I also expresses some of my feelings and frustrations in the life of Marge: Marge is a journalist who a bad attitude. The reason for the attitude is because men in her life had hurt her. Why should she love again if they can just love her for her body? Marge was only happy as long as she could write. In my own  life, I feel about the same way.  My life in my opinion was miserable. I didn’t have a bad attitude but my circumstances are unfavorable and all that made me happy was writing. In my book, Marge got tricked into signing a two year contract. In my life, I feel like I am stuck in a life I didn’t ask for. “When will I be released from my father’s house?”  Sometimes God has us in a place we don’t desire to be because he wants to grow us and work in our lives. Look at Joseph. His brothers put him in a cistern then he was sold to Potiphar.  I don’t think Joseph was ever bitter about where he was and God was with him. The Bible said he had success wherever he went. He had the favor of God on him.  In after being imprisoned for something he didn’t do, he continued to have favor with those around. There were two other inmates who had dreams in which God enabled Joseph to interpret-both dreams  came to pass, but when one prisoner promised he would tell Joseph about him when he was released, the prisoner forgot. However, it was at the right time when Pharaoh had a dream that puzzled him. This was when he called everyone he could  interpret dreams to his court.  One of the people there was  the Cupbearer and he remembered Joseph! He told Pharaoh how Joseph interpret his dreams and because no one else could, Pharaoh called for Joseph to be brought to him. Now was Joseph chance to be promoted to second in command. God had Joseph in Egypt for a reason and I believe that Joseph trusted God during his ordeal. Towards the end, we see that there is a happy family reunion because it has been 13 years since Jacob saw his son and he was led to believed that a wild animal had killed him. Now you may ask where does the Italian men come in? The answer is where he is introduced as Carter Gavallini who happened to be Marge’s former Italian lover. But when she first meet him, she doesn’t recognize him because it has been 15 years since she last saw him. Both looked different to each other and she would never think he would work for the one man who had held her in her estate for a year.

In my second book, The Past Hunter:  When the Past Comes Calling, is a story about one woman who left Montana because she saw her boyfriend bring in a body in a  rolled up carpet. She moved to California, but it is there that God had caused Julie  Henshaw to grow close to him.  When she lived in Montana, she was a worldly Christian  who dated  a non christian, Eric Young. Eric was also a rancher.  My book is about true love. Julie never stopped loving him, but she needed to be separated from him so that God can work in her life and  make her a better person and when the time was right, God allowed them to date and marry. My book is the first in a series. I have done some researching and feel ready to write book 2. Not only that but God had given me a new destination,a  new desire! I used to want to go to Washington State, but after I researched ranching in Montana and looking at beautiful photos, my heart’s desire have changed. I no longer wanted to be a city girl.  Here is the best part:

In October of 2013, I wasn’t really doing any looking. I still was thinking either WA or MT. Either one would be fine. My thought was  that my prince would come for me from WA or MT. I fashioned my love story to be something like Isaac and Rebekah from the  Bible, but God had a different idea. It began when I was writing, but also on Facebook when a friend introduced her friend to me. I started liking this person but after a couple of days I wondered if he was right for me. He was a sweet and nice person, but I realized he wasn’t my type. However when Sunday came, I heard a sermon about not being isolated and being accountable. It was preached from the book of Judges. I didn’t have any one I knew who I could be accountable to, but I posed a question on Facebook: “If something was to happen to me  for which I need prayer, who would answer the phone in the middle of the night?”  One person answered: I would. A thought came to my mind: Is it Mark? Is Mark the one for me? Well, I didn’t know much about him, but I know he is a Christian.

The Lord was at work here. He set things in motioned long before that thought came to me. It began when Mark added me as friend. I had to make a choice:  confirm or ignore. Do I want to be friends with him?” Nevertheless, the Lord  moved upon me to accept his friend request. People should always be friends before become more than friends. I don’t remember when we became friends, but I do know it was October 27, I sent Mark a message: Do you have someone special in your life? He wrote back: No.

From then on, we began to correspond on Facebook and for awhile through email.  The devil didn’t like this and he worked hard to  confuse me. He made me think that Mark was still married, but separated,and I began to cry out to God about this. I kept wishing his wife would let him go because she didn’t deserve him. All that time, I thought he was separated. I was about to let him go until the Lord moved upon me to look at one of his emails. It was there when I realized he was not still married, in fact, he was divorced. I still didn’t know why he was friends with his ex, but he told me he was a forgiving man.

Mark and I went through alot together. It was on the same day we both had a dark day for different reasons, but I pulled through and refused to let him give up! I prayed for him and encouraged him not to give up or leave Facebook. You know, God honors our prayers when we pray for others. God showed Mark that someone cared about him and that she was there for him. Days later, Mark was there for me when my friends didn’t seem to care how I felt about the silly game they were playing. He was there for me as I was there for him. God continued to be at work.

Mark is the kind of man I need and want in my life while the other man wasn’t. I was more spiritually connected to Mark then I was to this other person. I found out that Mark had the same kind of faith like me.  Mark was everything I  needed in  a man! So what happened to my  man coming for me from WA or MT? As I said, God had a different plan. A couple weeks ago or so after Mark had done some praying, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Although he wanted to be just between the two of us, I said yes after he cleared up with me his marital status isn’t “married.” (He has his reason for wanting me not to announce on Facebook who my new boyfriend is.)

Mark never was angry with me for  letting people know I have a boyfriend. That is because I didn’t tag him or change my relationship status. In fact, he loves it when I talk about him. I have friends now who know who he is and they are happy for me. Mark is following me and my dreams. He wants to move to MT with me, but not only that, but as long as we trust God’s timing, he can come here  to be with me and get  a place to live. We plan to marry here and move to MT later. I think this is much better than my original plan. I am forced to dream bigger! I don’t mind because my life got exciting! I have an exciting future and I no longer resent my current living situation and or circumstances. God has me here for a reason just as I have my fictional “God”  to have Marge and Julie where they are for a reason.



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